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Toxic entitled individual battles a Karen on the bus

It's a race to the bottom in this latest story of petty revenge… We're all the heroes of our own story, and the mind has an impressive way of spinning a narrative so that it isn't at fault—especially when that narrative is going to be posted online for fake internet points. But, hey, it's my job to farm other people's fake-internet-point stories and give my own snazzy take on it for my own fake internet points—so I shouldn't be one to judge.
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AITA for not moving from my booked seat for an elderly person?

'I'd booked the seat and wasn't going to move': First class train passenger refuses to move for elderly woman

The failure here is the train system!
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AITA for telling a stranger "it's weird you chose to sit right next to me when there's so many other seats available" on the public transit?

Creepy Guy Gets Called Out for Sitting Next to Passenger on Empty Train

There should be a rule that creepy people don't get to take public transit.
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'Let's play a game called, look in the thief's purse': Small business owner follows a shoplifter home after catching her stealing merchandise

Oh, how the tables turn
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35 weird cars | thumbnail left and right weirdly shaped and constructed vehicles

Full Tank Of Weird And Unusual Cars For Peculiar Vehicle Enthusaists

Weird and unusual is our middle name
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Entitled Mom Takes Stranger's Reserved Seat, Doesn't Understand Why He's Upset

A simple rule of ticketed transportation is to sit where you actually have a reserved ticket to sit at. People don't always follow that rule, and that's not even a big deal as long as they recognize they're in the wrong place when someone does actually arrive to sit in their designated seat and move. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't, like this Redditor u/Trainnightmare. This user posted to r/AmITheAsshole to ask whether they were in the wrong for sitting in reserved seats with her two chil…
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Man manages to conquer a bus driver's chaotic evil like an absolute boss.

Man Conquers Bus Driver's Chaotic Evil

Bus driver's face must've been priceless.
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People describe their strangest experiences on public transportation.

People's Weirdest Experiences On Public Transit

So much yikes.
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A collection of weird sightings from people on subways | scary goat man with horns and red glowing eyes sitting on a subway | pigeon riding the subway

Strange And Cursed Moments On The Subway

That pigeon was enjoying the ride.
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Train conductor uses impressive investigative skills to bust a passenger | tweet by comedylopez Witnessed most amazing thing on train Edinburgh yesterday guy boarded Wigan sat opposite He went sleep an hour he woke up he bought sandwich, ate went back sleep This isn't maths test don't need know distance/ speed Later train guard is walking through, checking tickets, and gently wakes guy Can see ticket, please Oh need buy ticket Where going, pal guy glances at his phone Edinburgh Where did get on

Train Conductor Uses Masterful Investigative Skills

Talk about one wild ride!
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Tumblr thread on germans being on public transit | Welcome Germany. This is express love. And if one sitting at window and want get off at next stop begin loudly rustle with bag whatever, because way can signal other person need them get up without having speak them. None these people are joking.

Tumblr Thread: The Universal Language of Public Transportation

Communicating with people while making as little eye contact as possible.
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showing funny signs to nyc subway conducters

Making NYC Subway Conductors Smile With Clever Signs

This was great.
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Strangers being strange on the subway | person dressed as a centaur shirtless human torso and zebra body | woman cutting onions on a cutting board balanced on her knees

Interesting Subway Moments of Weirdness

It's almost nostalgia at this point.
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A collection of Twitter users debate which seat is the best option when taking the subway | tweet by gplatinum_ All my New Yorkers, which is best seat?

Twitter Users Debate The Best Seat On The Subway

It is time to crown the winner.
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NYC people are told that they can't bring dogs onto subways, and proceed to put them in bags.

NYC Subway Bans Dogs Unless People Put Them In Bags, Hilarity Ensues

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weird things on public transport like a dog wearing sneakers and a sleeping woman reading a book about sleeping

33 Funny and Weird Things Found On The Subway

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