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American Man Pranked at the Beach With Dissolving Swim Trunks, Wife is Victorious in Humiliating the Whole Family in the Process

But think of the children!!
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A scamming mechanic assumes a woman doesn't know anything about cars, only to be publicly embarassed.

Woman Publicly Embarasses Would-Be Scamming Mechanic

Don't assume people don't know anything about cars.
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Funny bathroom graffiti people found | reddit posed by coolcleverfunnyname Not exactly bathroom stall but bathroom bar my hometown there's condom machine says refund insert baby Always made chuckle.

Terrific Bathroom Graffiti People Witnessed

Poetry at its finest.
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weird things on public transport like a dog wearing sneakers and a sleeping woman reading a book about sleeping

33 Funny and Weird Things Found On The Subway

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reddit people acting selfish

16 Small Things People Can Do to Look Like a Selfish Jackass

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People Share the Worst Fanboy Meltdowns They've Ever Witnessed

42 People Share the Worst Fanboy Meltdowns They've Ever Witnessed

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Hateful Fat-Shamers Are Handing Out These Cards on The London Underground

social media woman calls out public fat-shaming group handing out cards on London Underground
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Hoax of the Day: No, Facebook Isn't Going to Make Your Profiles Public or Charge for a Private Setting.

Facebook hoax going
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Just Like The Public Bicycle

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No Speaka Ingles

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PDA of the Day: Couple Arrested for Having Sex in Public Decides It's a Good Idea to Talk About It to the Local News

Public sex couple talks about it on a local news channel, for some strange reason.
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Parenting In Public

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Good Thing We Got A Sleeper Car

bus drunk outdoors passed out public Subway - 4554006528
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At Least He Censored Himself

au natural costume public - 4154045952
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The Rare Chameleon Commuter

public Subway twins public transport - 7654694144
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public science funny - 52140801

The Public's say on Scientific Interests

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