tumblr thread on ask culture vs guess culture

Informative Tumblr Thread Explains "Ask" Vs "Guess" Culture

It explains a lot about people.
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helpful concepts twitter thread

Twitter Thread On Helpful Concepts Is Way Too Fascinating

Behold, the knowledge.
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red flags in social situations

Red Flags To Look Out For In People

Gotta keep that head on a swivel.
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twitter feelings Twitter Thread interesting mental health health emotions psychology - 16256773

Informative Twitter Thread Explains Psychology Of Emotional Permanence

AKA: Why people can feel like someone hates them if they don't get a text back right away. It's at least helpful in life to be able to put a name to a phenomenon most people have felt or witnessed. In this case it's the need for reassurance people can feel even when nothing wrong has actually really occurred. It's interesting, but also, take psychological insight from the internet with a grain of salt, because it's a big internet and everyone is different. For more psychological insight from th…
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behavior society addiction psychology - 16197381

Addictions That World Is Just Sort Of Okay With

Working can be a healthy habit, especially when it compliments people's other habits of being warm, dry and fed. But when you find yourself in the office at 10 pm getting texts about when you're supposed to be arriving with the Thanksgiving Turkey, it might be time to admit that you have a problem. Or maybe society has the problem and we're just feeding into it.
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psychological tricks

Psychological Tricks To Get The Most Out of Social Situations

People are complex, sort of.
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stories of the placebo effect

Times People Witnessed The Placebo Effect Working Its Magic

Engage the funk!
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A powerful Twitter thread about a mom's parenting approach for setting personal boundaries | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook want tell story about my mum taught allowed leave an uncomfortable situation.

Twitter Thread: The Power Of Setting Personal Boundaries

An awesome mom indeed.
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McGurk Effect shows how brains interpret sounds differently based on what the listener is seeing

The McGurk Effect Is Some Black Magic Audio-Visual Trickery

Bah. Bah. Bah.
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An informative Tumblr thread about how humans go crazy without plants | zachsanomaiy Humans have never lived fully under ground or completely inclosed societies at any point human history part because need decent circadian rhythm sun and see plants and breathe fresh air But also because humans hallucinate and lose their minds if they are inclosed something with structural insecurities, like are legit predisposed go psycho So hear out Story plot:Everything is going fine with fifteen year space

Tumblr Post: Humans Need Their Plant Friends

Plants are the real homies.
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Twitter user breaks down the grieving process | Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel So grief is like this: There's box with ball And pain button. And no am not known my art skills BALL AND BOX BALL PAIN BUTTON

Twitter Thread: Grief Explained

Completely nailed it.
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Religious quora question gets answer that details how group psychology works | Quora Open App Sign Why do people get angry try share word God with them only do because care about them deeply and don't want them end up hell feel like some people avoid because this. Is there any way get through them?

Religious Quora User Gets Lesson In Group Psychology

It's all about those in-groups and out-groups.
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A powerful Tumblr thread shines light on various anxiety disorders | all T-Mobile LTE 8:27 PM 83% norma1-people-sxare group rough looking boys walked past today and all heard their conversation he's got anxiety disorder bro so went with him so he'd be more comfortable" and made realise world isn't all bad fitzefitcher #this is team skull its-just--phage

Tumblr Thread: Shining Light On Anxiety Disorders

All the good feels.
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A quick Quora post on the implications of saying someone is really smart | Why are so many gifted students and adults underachievers? Riley Anderson, lives My Head Answered Feb 8 Misguided praise so smart seems like an innocent compliment, right s not. As gifted child told constantly becomes part identity s makes special s people like about intelligence are only valued if are smart. Now little, school is easy. Especially don't have try at all, and get every question right on every test s because

Quick Quora Post On The Word "Smart"

Failure doesn't count if you don't try.
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A quick Tumblr thread provides tips for dealing with anxiety | thesigilwitch just about spiral into bad panic attack, and my boyfriend goes "Stick an ice cube mouth not really sure where he got idea, and kinda laughed at because didn't see would help, but he insistent. So did And now on my second cube, because worked. thesigilwitch He explained his reasoning he got home.

Quick Tumblr Thread On Tips For Handling Anxiety

Get out of here anxiety.
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Tumblr thread explains why some places just feel plain bizarre | tootsie-roll-frankenstein Places where reality is bit altered any target churches texas abandoned 7/11's bedroom at 5 am hospitals at midnight warehouses smell like dust lighthouses with lights don't work anymore empty parking lots ponds and lakes suburban neighborhoods rooftops early morning inside dark cabinet reveille413 playgrounds at night rest stops on highways deep mountains

Tumblr Thread: Why Some Places Feel Strange

Liminal spaces are a trip.
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