its always sunny in philadelphia old psa lol smoking funny weird - 107653633

Old Anti-Smoking PSA Features A Young Mac From "It's Always Sunny"

Should we listen to him?
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piracy psa strange lol download funny weird - 107415297

Pro-DVD Anti-Piracy Ad Is Weirdly Lame

"Look at all these fun people enjoying the DVD."
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Funny motivational Thai anti-drinking ad

Thai "Stop Drinking" Ad Is As Direct As It Is Inspiring

And it's as simple as that, kind of.
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Funny Danish ad promoting helmet wearing featuring vikings

Danish Helmet PSA Is Actually Pretty Good

They've got a point.
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Mick Foley Mankind video on spaying and neutering your pets

Mick Foley as Mankind Doing a Pet PSA

You heard him.
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Video of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost doing a version of "The Plan" from Sean of the Dead for coronavirus.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Recreate "The Plan" for Coronavirus

It's good for a PSA.
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Tumblr thread explains why parents need to teach their kids to respect pets | ANAEINT Dún Laoghaire K9, LLC June 13, 2016 Instagram O HAIRE R Prime example NOT allow. Eventually will come head and dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and rehomed or likely euthanized. Stop allowing children mistreat dogs s not cute s not funny s not playful s dangerous and stupid dog and child pay consequences parents lack common sense.

Thread Explains Why Kids Should be Taught to Respect Pets

It can avoid a nasty situation down the line.
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A strange and dark Public Service Announcement featuring Cats the Musical made in the 80s.

"Cats" Driving PSA from the 80s is Freaky and Vividly Dark

A lot of strange choices were made.
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psa parody Video - 82541569

Let This Video Take You on an Emotional Roller Coaster Starting With a Weird Toy Commercial and Ending With a Sad PSA

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hunger psa clever food Video win - 82425089

This PSA Uses a Recipe For Trendy Videos to Raise Awareness of a Real Struggle For Some

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psa parenting Video children - 275719

Chelsea Handler's PSA is For All The Women That Don't Want to Have Children and How Great it is

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twitter list psa australia - 870661

The Internet Reacts to Graham, an Indestructible Humanoid Designed to Survive Car Crashes

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psa parody boobs Video dating - 72687617

These Woman Want You To Watch Their b00bs Public Service Anouncement

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Well, I'm Safe!

medical, psa, cancer, throat, sign
Via Bits and Pieces

There's Always Another Side to the Story

Via maximenz
kids psa parenting Video - 67745793

These Kids Are Asked to Slap a Girl; Their Reactions Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

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