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Maybe Watching This Badass Woman Intimidate a Crocodile with Her Flip Flop Will Inspire You to Confront That One Lunch-Stealing Coworker

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What a Courteous Use of "Just Sayin"

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She'll Like It A Whole Latte

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Hairy Mom Watches Over Hairless Baby

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Gandalf is Here to Protect Your Junk

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That Bottom One is Probably the Most Important

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"Pulling Out": The Saga of a Man Who Dared to Try to Get His Wife Not-Pregnant

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Use Protection

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Wife it: For Her Pleasure

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College: Where Ink is More Expensive Than Rubber

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Wrapping it Up Seems Way Easier

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Yeah Dummy, Who Doesn't Want Unplanned Pregnancy?

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False Alarm, the Kids Are Alright

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When a Man Loves a Cyborg

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The Eternal Battle of the Rubber: Wiener vs. Brain

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Take a Trip Back in Time and Let Disney Show You How Family Planning Works

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