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Is This Failed Promposal a Total Cringe, or an Elaborate Fake?

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You Could Have Picked a Better Time

wedding proposal image You Could Have Picked a Better Time
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Congratulations on Your Marriage! Now Let's Get Mom a New Hip.

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Proposal by a Paramedic to Woman Whose Life He Saved

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Promposal of the Day: Guy Asks Girlfriend to Prom By Jumping Out of a Plane

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A High School Teacher Gets the Help of an Entire Classroom to Propose to His Girlfriend

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How to Troll Your Girlfriend

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You've Already Lost the Proposal Game, This Guy Made a Transformer for His Soon-to-be Wife

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Whale Maybe

dating girlfriend Hall of Fame proposal pun relationships whale - 5318247680
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The Dolphin Got Friend-Zoned, HARD

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A Selfie Proposal

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A Marriage Proposal at Several Thousand Feet

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Sometimes the Guys Are Classier Than the Girls

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He Looked Beautiful

dad proposes in a dress
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5 Mistakes to Avoid When You're Proposing

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This Woman is About to Have a Very Special Traffic Stop

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