An escalating feud between dad and brother results in brother's ultimate arrest.

Escalating Feud Results In Dad Engineering Brother's Arrest

The uncle sounds like an absolute handful.
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story of guy who battles locked gate policy by asking for boat early

Guy Defeats Dumb Locked Gate Policy With Well-Timed Fishing Trip

The early bird gets the worm.
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Horrible stories of homeowners association | jay_mee_d 24.9k points 17 hours ago 2 S being charged $400 because violation bush overhanging my walkway don't have walkway. Or bush picture isn't even my house. They won't back down.

People Who Had to Deal with a Nightmare HOA

Power corrupts.
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A property manager ends up being terrible, so he proceeds to get canned | r/ProRevenge Join u/AE2AW 1d Hippity Hoppity, this is no longer Property manage) After graduating college my girlfriend and moved new state where she accepted into an engineering program found lovely garden apartment style complex advertised 100 Mbps internet speed included price among few other am met property manager, he seemed strict but well mannered, nothing out ordinary. Until signed lease nities first problem:

Property Manager Ends Up Being Terrible, Gets Canned

Serves him right.
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Parents decide to stick it to a property owner who won't sell land to their neighbor | r/ProRevenge u/IAmDinosaurROWR Land Deal Gone Awry Tale Vengeance Disclaimer: this tale revenge thought up, and carried out, by my parents and neighbor. My parents live nice, quiet neighborhood most part, everyone gets along well and neighborhood exists its own little bubble only time see people outside neighborhood bubble is on Halloween

Parents Stick It To Property Owner, Purchase Land, Sell It To Neighbor

That property owner must've been speechless.
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Neighbor gets revenge on Karen by buying her house | O r/ProRevenge Posted by u/Unique_username504 20 hours ago and Karen Love Story Just kidding. Karen is total bitch, but buckle up because here is my novel. My husband and are our late 30s and childfree. Some people on childfree said should post here too, so enjoy saga. My husband and had been saving up almost decade move tropical paradise. About two years ago bit bullet and moved our dream location! Housing here is SUPER expensive (like Hawaii

Neighbor Defeats Horrible Karen by Buying Her House

That's a pretty complete revenge.
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Gramps has a mean neighbor who illegally takes land from protected lands, and the county takes that land back.

Neighbor's Land-Grabby Attitude Leaves Him With Missing Vehicles and A Ruined Yard

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landlord facebook group with post from landlord who refuses to rent to single women

Message Board Reveals The Messed Up Ways Landlords Take Advantage Of Renters

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