Beliefs people have with zero proof | NeighborhoodNerd0 74.5k points 23 hours ago There's travel agency 's been around my town as long as can remember wholeheartedly believe 's front mob.

Things People are Certain of but Have Zero Proof

Sounds legit dude.
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Stories of dumb things people did just to prove they could | mixedwithmonet 35.1k points 12 hours ago buddy bet couldn't finish spiciest chicken sandwich at this joint known insanely spicy chicken under 30 minutes knew fucked up they gave gloves eat sandwich so sauce couldn't touch my skin and made sign waiver. Won bet, but really lost end.

Stupidest Things People Did to Prove They Could

Sometimes they couldn't.
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Person pops out false eye to prove that they didn't see someone in line | post by rde42 really, really didn't see oc s This just about qualifies as malicious compliance think. Backstory back 2010 had my left eye removed, due cancer s no big problem but obviously my field vision on side is not quite

Guy Pops Out False Eye to Prove He Didn't See Other Customer

It works to be direct.
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liars caught and called out

15 No-Good Liars Who Got Called out for Their Absurd BS

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woman medicine Death injury fake proof twitter highschool accident text golf cart car accident medical bills dad ridiculous story money stupid - 7253253

Woman Fakes Her Death and Racks up Medical Bills to Avoid Embarrassment

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