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Robot Vacuum Has Beer Grab Function

The path from the fridge to the couch is gonna be spotless.
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Instructions for resetting a smart light bulb are ridiculous.

Smart Lightbulb Instructions are an Absurd Waste of Time

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tumblr discusses ridiculous things about the pokemon games

Tumblr's Dissection of Pokemon's Probability System Is Maddening and Amazing

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"I Somehow Feel as If This Flowchart Were Made Especially for Me," Pondered Greg

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By Brad

"Benedicta Tu in Mulieribuuuuuuuuuuuus!"

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By Unknown

I'll Never Understand Programming

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By Unknown

Making a Bieber Reference in the Screen Name Might Come in Handy

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Objective-C Totally Jacked Its Object-Oriented Feature Syntax From Smalltalk

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By Unknown

Ah, The Glamorous Life of a Programmer

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That Coveted Pale Complexion

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By maxystone

It's Called Sub-Contracting for Free

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Begin Content Dump

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By Quick_T


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