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17 Products That Ended Up Being Massive Failures

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The Placement Here Could be Better

pringles display bacon during ramadan
Via The Asian Lad

If Ranch is Blue Cheese Then Who am I

ranch dressing recalled blue cheese
Via CNN Wire

Labeling FAIL

mislabeled product fail toys - 5737419776
By Unknown

Conflicting Directions FAIL

not for kids product fail wtf - 6091279360
Via Flying Scotsman

Lawsuit Waiting to Happen FAIL

irony product fail - 6051513600
By Nick

FAIL Nation: A Typical Printer Experience FAIL

fail nation g rated irony product fail - 6061264896
By Unknown

Clear Packaging FAIL

packaging product fail wtf - 5961663232
By MalamiteLtd

The Rotten Stench of FAIL

Death marketing product fail wtf - 5849222400
By Unknown

Non-Contradictory Directions FAIL

contradiction irony product fail wtf - 5789572352
By dubeats

Swaddled in the Mouth FAIL

baby parenting product fail wtf - 5784961792
By Jonathan S

FAIL Nation: Cats Love Them! FAIL

animals Cats fail nation g rated product fail - 5790951680
See all captions By shoobedoo0

Made in The USA FAIL

product fail sports tennis wtf - 5796898816
By Unknown

Familiar Looking Logo FAIL

goatse product fail Professional At Work - 5789187584
By potatorocketeer

FAIL Nation: Feline Aid FAIL

animals Cats fail nation g rated irony product fail - 5769890816
By Lacey

Perfect for Long Road Trips FAIL

butt poop product fail Professional At Work - 5769699840
By Unknown
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