chaos failure misfortune

25 Chaotic Times Misfortune Struck People's Lives

It's just nonstop.
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choatic misfortune and fails

Chaotic Times Misfortune Ruined Someone's Day

The wheel of life is heavy.
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"you had one job" moments of not properly installed things

36 "You Had One Job" Moments Of Professional Nonconformity

Wow, it's so imperfect.
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chaos fails and misfortune

Chaotic Times People Were Struck By Mishaps And Misfortune

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mistakes, mishaps and fails

25 Fail-Laden Moments Of Blunderrific Chaos

Life is a wild ride.
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messes, problems, misfortune and people having bad days

Blunders, Goofs, Mistakes, Failures and Chaos

Messes, misfortune, errors and inconvenient circumstances.
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chaos failures and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: What Did We Expect?

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fails, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: That's How It Goes

It just goes like that.
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moments of chaos and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: Life Is Just Like This

Thanks, life.
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misfortune and chaos

Misfortune Monday: Of Course Things Are Like This

Why wouldn't they be?
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problems, mistakes and messes

Misfortune Monday: Of Course It's Like This

Why wouldn't it be?
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images of mistakes, messes, chaos and failure

Misfortune Monday: Why Should Anything Go Right?

Thanks, world.
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Guy's washer breaks locking clothes inside, company refuses to pay for clothes unless they see them.

Customer Experiences Logical Paradox of Wet Clothes Stuck In Broken Washer

It's like customer service Kafka.
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moments of misfortune and chaos | car door trunk slice through with rope | fluffy dog covered in popcorn cereal stuck to its face

Misfortune Monday: Things Just Keep Happening

It won't stop.
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funny and wtf mistakes, messes and failures | waiter in a restaurant standing beside a pile of broken plates | giant bulldozer that ran over a car and smashed flattened half of it

Misfortune Monday: A Lot Can Go Wrong

Just about anything can happen.
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Fails. messes, mistakes and chaos | spilled white paint bucket that splashed all over a black car | multiple bird footprints tracks in fresh concrete

Misfortune Monday: All Kinds of Bummers

Taste the many flavors of chaos.
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