game show winners stories about winning prizes | Fluxmuster won showcase on price is right 2 3 3 spring break episode so only college students my senior year college. Winning new car and bunch other stuff made last semester college awesome s s been 9.5 years and still drive car. So guess 's changed my life never had car payments.

Winning Game Show Contestants Share What That's Like

"It's a brand new car!"
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Things people regret getting rid of because they're valuable now | DinaDinaDinaBatman 24.7k points 10 hours ago had complete collection teenage mutant ninja turtles figures packed them into box and put them away then later looking them couldn't find them asked my mother oh those threw them out weren't playing with them anymore"

Valuable Collections People Regret Getting Rid Of

The things that have been lost for just a little more attic space.
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I'm the Luckiest Boy Alive

if the prize is beer, I'm a big fan of the prize
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What Do I Have to Win to Get This?

beer huge funny prize - 8002357248
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One Great Reason to Get Married

beer contest funny prize after 12 g rated - 7899516672
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Cats comics failboat garfield g rated prize toys - 4598559232
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