Ashton Kutcher graduation speech by principal plagiarized fail

Principal Plagiarizes Entire Graduation Speech

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dad nearly gets kids expelled from nerf gun tactics

Millennial War Vet Dad Almost Gets His Kids Expelled After Teaching Them Extreme Nerf Gun War Tactics

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School Children Are Easily Stimulated

principal skinner knows you shouldn't over stimulate the students
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This Is What Happens When Your High School Website Gets Hacked

high school hacked kids funny principal - 8323376640
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It's Hard to Remember Which Principal Is Which

principal words funny - 7803505152
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Yeah, Stick it to the Man!

rebels desk principal writing - 7133172992
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You Win For Best Principal Ever.

hunger games principal - 6636136704
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Principal Name FAIL

failboat name p33n principal school - 4852939008
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