Tumblr thread explains why the guy from Lilo and Stitch is the best Disney Prince | David Kawena Lilo and Stitch is ultimate Disney prince because he is there Nani AND Lilo and even Stitch despite everything 's going on their lives. They're going through some tough stuff. Their parents die and all sudden Nani has be mom her sister who is socially awkward and depressed and 's hard enough as is

Tumblr Thread Explains David Kawena, The Best Disney Prince

He's a genuinely good dude.
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Put Some Respek On the Name

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Just Can't Wait to be King

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Sinead O’Connor Is 100% Convinced That Arsenio Hall Killed Prince

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Rihanna Don't Play

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Why Not Pay Tribute to Prince with a Drum Cover of Purple Rain in the Back of a Truck

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Prince Was a Total Boss Kicking Kim Kardashian Off Stage

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If You Missed Prince's Cover of Radiohead's 'Creep' in 2008, Listen to it Now

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Sleeping With Beauty

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Prince Had an Open Forum on His Facebook Page, and After Thousands of Questions This is His One and Only Official Response

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Prince Knows That Feel

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"Prince" Trolls TWC

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Exclusive Photo of the Young Prince

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Still More Expressive Range Than Kristen Stewart

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A Purple-Rain-Era Letter from Prince to a Fan

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I'm On My Way Though!

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