Guy wastes a PlayStation 5 scalper's time | have gotten offers 850 and sold 3 piece 800 best can do Youssef If can do 850 l'll meet tomorrow and give s never been opened and have online ceipt still has sticker closes box If want 825 l'll give u if get two them can only do 850 if can meet grand rapids are really far and th lil easier. than u ould make my drive d be further

Guy Wastes Time of Predatory PS5 Scalper

May the inconvenience reign.
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Cheap people selling and buying stuff and also demand free things.

Selfish Cheapskates Whose Boldness Knows No Shame

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Fees, businesses and services that are basically scams.

Things That Are Pretty Much Scams But Most People Accept As Legitimate Business

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Wow, What a Bargain!

wow what a bargain
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Thanks for the Negative Discount!

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Interesting Math

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What a Bargain

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Better Stock Up Now!

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Always Read the Fine Print

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Straightforward Pricing

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That's Just a Suggestion

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Still a Great Deal!

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There Was an Incident...

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Easiest Demographic to Target: People Who Are Bad at Math

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Prices, How Do They Work?

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Target Market: People Who Are Bad at Math

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