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Entitled Sister Rebrand's Brother's Gifts To Her Kids, Says They're From Santa

No one likes it when someone takes credit for someone else's hard work. It's the same reason we all hate doing group projects. This guy ran into the interesting problem of his sister trying to Santa-launder his gifts to her kids. Was she just trying to save money? Did she forget to buy enough presents? This feels like the kind of issue that shouldn't be a problem among grown ups, but y'know, Karens are gonna Karen .
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the worst Christmas gifts people received

The Worst Christmas Presents People Received

Ho ho ho.
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Weird things children asked mall and store Santas to get them for Christmas | After waiting two hours line my daughter asked Santa hot dog.

Weird Things Kids Asked Mall Santas for Christmas

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Stories of strange, inappropriate and WTF gifts

Strange, Inappropriate and WTF Gifts People Got

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How To Wrap Presents Japanese-Style Without ANY Tape At All

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This Girl's Dad Wrapped Christmas Presents for the Neighborhood Squirrels and It's Just the Cutest Thing Ever

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Happy Anniversary, Babe!

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5 Easter Gifts That Will Scar Your Kids for Life

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Come On, That's Common Knowledge

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Our Community Responds With Some Truly Bizarre Valentine's Gifts

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The Best Boyfriend Ever Gets His Lady Her Lost Teddy Bear for Christmas

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Even With Thank-You Notes, It's the Thought That Counts

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Nice Work, Dad

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Close Enough

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Dad Really Went the Extra Mile This Year

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Still Feeling the Sting?

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