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Parent Stands Ground When Son's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals She's Pregnant, Demands Paternity Test

That child miiiiiight not be this person's son's kid.
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Employer Tells New Mother to Submit Her Resignation, She's Not Going Anywhere

The internet is incensed over this viral thread.
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Sister Gets Kicked Out After Cruel Comments About Lost Pregnancy

There are just some thoughts that should never leave your head. Some of these thoughts can be cruel intrusions, but others can be something that you might want to get sorted out. A commenter offered a really helpful strategy for gauging whether we should let a thought out of our head that I think all of us should stop and reflect on before we speak. "There is the suggestion to THINK before you say something. That is, is what you are going to say T rue, H elpful, I nspiring, N ecessary, & K ind.…
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Grandmother Wants a Vote in Child's Name, Gets Outvoted Anyways

This persistent mother-in-law wanted a vote (the only vote) on what their grandchild's name was going to be. She was determined to find a way to get her name selected one way or another before the child was born. She had managed to turn her son (the husband) to her side before his wife came up with this clever way to give her a “vote” and stop this nonsense once and for all. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by the wife, u/Ok-Cranberry-9158, to share her gloriou…
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Nurse Makes Trashy Judgement About Patient, Mad She's Been Called Out

A nurse made an assumption and then proceeded with an inappropriate judgment and course of action. Her patient had had enough and reacted to her treatment. Now the patient is wondering if she went too far. This thread was posted to r/AITA (Am I the Asshole) by the patient, u/teenmistakethrowaway (OP), who was facing judgment from the nurse. She is posting this thread to share her story and see whether or not she is in the wrong for her reactions to the nurse's attitude towards her. She notes th…
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Husband Insists His Mother is Present For the Birth of Child, Wife Doesn't Want Her There

This husband told his wife that he wanted his mother to be present for the birth of their child. When their first child was born her mother was present as support for her daughter. Now the husband thinks that since she “got to choose” who was present last time he should get to choose this time. His wife told him he was crazy and now he's upset, who is in the wrong here? This thread was posted on Reddit's r/AITA subreddit by the wife, u/GoldSun777, who is appealing to the readers to see who is b…
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Boss Demands Note After Pregnant Woman Misses One Day, Doctor Writes Note For Two Weeks

Dr. Awesome pulls through.
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houseguest takes what she thinks is pregnancy test, announces pregnancy and is wrong about it

Woman Steals What She Thinks Is Pregnancy Test, Announces Pregnancy, Is Wrong

Filed under "whoops."
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Selfish Pregnant Couple Forces Wife’s Ageing Mother to Drive Her to Appointment so That the “Husband Can Rest”

This couple are so incredibly selfish and are clearly taking advantage of her mother's generosity.
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Wife announces her pregnancy and then her husband assumes that it's a joke.

Wife Announces Pregnancy, Husband Assumes It's A Joke, Cringe Ensues

Must've been quite the uncomfortable room.
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Woman Refuses To Cover Pregnant Coworker's Workload, Gets Called Out

Nobody likes tacking on extra work.
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Manager tells an employee that their pregnancy is no excuse for slacking. | AITA telling an employee pregnancy is not an excuse low productivity? Asshole work an office (due nature our work and our employer are not working remotely right now) where supervise team three people end year is our crunch time, and means my entire team is putting more hours than normal and everyone is expected answer their phones and emails pretty much round clock (Christmas excepted course).

Manager Tells Pregnant Employee To Stop Slacking

Zero chill.
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Man accidentally added to family group chat ends up making a wholesome donation | ll AT&T 10:19 AM 170% M 3 People Meemaw Zach so excited about little baby girl coming today will be praying everything go perfect y'all love Send us lots pictures her M Today 9:20 AM Thank so much just got here and Sierra is bed will send as many pictures as can!

Man Mistakenly Added To Group Chat Makes Wholesome Donation

This was too wholesome for its own good.
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Pregnant woman takes ultimate pro revenge on company that | r/ProRevenge u/PM_YUR_PIERCINGS 2y JOIN Try take away job? Quit glory This is story my wife getting pro-revenge. At 7 months pregnant knew my wife wasn't going return work after maternity leave. But, she had planned on working right day her water broke few months before her due date, there re- structuring organization, she actually got promotion and small raise. But, her new direct manager at corporate level, and had never treated my

Manager Tries To Eliminate Woman's Job, She Quits In Glory

Good for her.
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Woman takes a pregnancy test, fools herself, and misinforms her family | TIFU by accidentally April Fooling myself Today 20F) fucked up took pregnancy test checked results and compared them examples/instructions online and saw pregnant told my boyfriend and both agreed an abortion most responsible course action given many reasons panicking/ crying while calling different doctors offices see who would see and insurance would

Woman Fools Herself Into A Pregnancy Scare

That went from 0 to 100 for no reason.
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Crazy woman lies to a guy about being pregnant with his kid, so he fact checks her with the metadata.

Woman Lies About Pregnancy To Guy, He Fact Checks Her With Metadata

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