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Celebrate the Beginning of April by Watching This Roundup of April Fools' Day Prank Videos

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prank pranks jurassic park dinosaurs - 78964993

It's a Sheer Shock Nobody Had a Heart Attack During This Parking Lot Prank

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cracked pranks Video - 75138817

Why Every Prank Eventually Goes Wrong

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Heads Up Seven Down

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pranks money Video win - 72869121

Prankster Lee Nelson Hijacks FIFA Press Conferences to Shower Sepp Blatter in Fake Money

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When You Get Kids to Stand For a Nice Picture

kid pulls down pants in group photo
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mother parenting pranks Video - 72026113

Prank Your Mom Everyday, Get The Same Reaction Everyday

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guys swiping guys on tinder

Just Bros Swiping Bros

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bad idea relationships couples pranks funny Video - 380165

5 Pranks That May or May Not End Your Relationship

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Roman Atwood is Living the Dream by Turning His Entire House Into a Giant Ball Pit

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Now That's an Excellent Relationship

the office relationships pranks funny - 8414924032
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drunk pranks Video after 12 - 66098689

This Girl Pretended to Be Wasted in Public, So All the Creepers Suddenly Came Out of the Woodwork to "Help" Her

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This Sam Pepper Parody Video Highlights the Overarching Problem With YouTube's 'Social Experiment' and 'Prankster' Videos

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Things You Won't Learn in History Class

history trolling president pranks - 8272742144
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Homebrewing Leads to Good Pranks

beer funny homebrew pranks after 12 g rated - 8256529920
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trolltube snakes pranks Video - 62186497

Prank of the Day: Son's Reaction to This Fake Snake Prank is Predictable, but Nevertheless Funny

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