Karen wastes budget on ugly designs until she loses her job | Posted by u/6463694 10 hours ago Client wants us create design "exactly" like their ugly Powerpoint comply. oc L As designer try educate my clients on design and why something has be done certain way. My agency is not cheap, so make quite clear they are paying our experience and knowledge, not some Photoshop monkey. Most time, my clients are appreciative and enjoy extra guidance and professional advice. Occasionally get "fun" jobs.

Karen Uses Up Budget on Ugly Powerpoints, Gets Fired

Beauty is in the eye of the... Powerpoint... holder?
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A couple PowerPoint presentations make arguments for why a person should let another person touch their butt and boobs.

PowerPoints Argue For Letting Someone Touch A Person's Butt And Boobs

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party where guests do a presentation, powerpoint party, woman does presentation about sonic universe character alignments

Party Where Each Guest Provides 3-Minute Powerpoint Presentation Is Actually Genius

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power point presentation explaining why a couple should get a kitten

Guy's Girlfriend Makes Powerpoint On Why They Should Get A Kitten

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Guy creates Powerpoint presentation that proposes different ideas for his first date, and gets blocked on Whatsapp immediately.

Guy Makes Impressive First Date Powerpoint, Gets Savagely Dumped

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powerpoint insult dating - 1975045

Girl Gets Absolutely Destroyed By Her Crush After Creating Powerpoint Detailing Why He Should Date Her

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tinder powerpoint presentation

Girl Goes Ahead and Turns Tinder Profile Into a 'Why You Should Date Me' Powerpoint Presentation

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PowerPoint Through The Cramping

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Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

classroom facebook Hall of Fame powerpoint projector texting - 5720581888

A Really Honest Final Presentation

finals presentation fail A Really Honest Final Presentation
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The Slowest, Most Droll Way to Go Out

bored powerpoint presentation sleeping - 5382306048

I Sat Through Enough of These in College to Know Where I Am!

powerpoint joy of tech webcomics - 7589200384
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In Conclusion, Will You Sex With Me On Valentine's Day?

presentation powerpoint Valentines day - 7063886080

Had Enough Of You, Presentations

dont-care powerpoint - 7026431232

How My Professor Teaches "Scientific Method"

Memes powerpoint science scientific method - 6601185792

Something is Wrong With

grammar microsoft powerpoint - 5977182720
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