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Safety failures that OSHA would not like

Safety Failures That OSHA Wouldn't Be Too Happy About

Not happy at all.
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Kid Picks Up Leaf Blower And Starts Displaying Supervillain Tendencies

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safety failures

29 Safety Failures That Would Give OSHA Nightmares

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Chop saw repair with weedeater.

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By Unknown

You're Playing God Now

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By Unknown

Need an Electric Mixer?

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Via Izismile

Fastest Carving Job Ever

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By Unknown

Boredom Wins Again!

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By julian.taber (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Power Tools Make Every Job Easier

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Via Niknaks Blog

He Had A Piece Of Dust In His Eye

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By Unknown

Could You Drill the Window Up? I'm Getting Cold

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By Unknown

Place Your Ladder on a Firm, Dry Surface

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By DoctorTwo

There, I Parented

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By Unknown

I've Got a Drill to Grind

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By Unknown

Don't Worry, Most Legal Adults Can't Turn Over a Chainsaw on the First Try

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By Unknown


Kludge power tools tape vacuum - 3750299904
By Unknown
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