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Bizarre Stuff People Tried Selling Online

Good try.
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internet fight

Guy Gets in a Row with Treasurer (Again) Who Found His Viral Post About Her

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accidentally adopting wild cat

Sorely Mistaken Animal Lover Thinks They've Found a Stray Cat

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Post Jump FAIL

post whoops underwear - 6962225920
Via Reddit

This Is How You Jumpstart Your Dog Walking Business

funny craigslist post - 8479200256
Via Grin and Claire It

Now That's What I Call a Workaround

monday thru friday post desk work - 8190265600
Via Acid Cow

How Did We Get Here?

wtf post how accident cars - 6924865280

Who Doesn't Love a Good Surprise?

sign post highway surprise - 6897639424
Via Reddit

City Planning FAIL

road post accident waiting to happen - 6789560064

Roadside Post on the Road

kickstand motorcycle post - 6582139392
Created by Henri Junkkala

Sign for the Blind FAIL

blind irony post school students - 6524813824
Created by StephanEngelbrecht

A Little Too Much Lean

lamp lamp post post - 6542250752
Created by superawesomeme

Stand Up (Or Sit Down) for Mailbox Rights Everywhere!

chair mail mailbox post postal service - 6318105344
Created by jimmy0702

Caution, No Touching the Fallen Post!

cart caution caution tape parking lot post shopping cart Walmart - 6308475136
Created by propless2000

Failbook: Like This Post

facebook failbook ICWUDT IRL like literally pic post social media - 5675638528

Failbook: Can You Tell the Difference?

comic crazy facebook failbook g rated post psycho social media status - 5568489984
Via jimbenton
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