How dumb is this guy? Let's check the pole.

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This Woman Must Not Be an Ace of the Base Fan Because She Didn't See the Sign, But it Did Open Her Eyes (Afterwards)

funny fail gif drunk woman walks into sign
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Two Girls, One Loose Pole

funny fail gif two girls one loose pole
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Core Workouts Can Be Hypnotic

gif pole exercise win working out - 8600155648
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butts line pole seat - 6440713472
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That Should do the Trick Just Fine!

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Watch Out For That...

monday thru friday collision pole - 8286462976
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Doctors Probably Get This Notice too Often Every Year

bad idea frozen pole - 7994533376
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Just ONE Job...

pole sidewalk funny there I fixed it g rated - 7483809280
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An Appropriate Use of Electrical Tape

pole Electrical tape funny there I fixed it - 7775233280
Created by Chucky Brown

How do You Get Down?

balance pole athletics funny - 7604762112
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Light Switch Extension

light switch pole - 7120103424
Created by HenryUTA

Of All Places to Put It...

pole telephone pole - 6980687360
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Screw You, I'm a Pole!

pole - 6788461056
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No Right Turn

telephone pole pole phone pole - 6653340160
Created by porkercal

That's How You Properly Fix a Broken House!

building log pole - 6587225088
Created by Julian
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