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World War II As a Facebook Conversation Actually Makes It WAY Easier To Understand

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Meanwhile in Poland

shoes poland wtf gifs fire - 7348915712
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Nothing Will Stop Them

europe poland after 12 g rated - 7266959360
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Poland Wat R U Doin? Poland Stahp

poland alcohol stahp too much after 12 g rated - 7061242112
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poland vodka - 39416321

Man Drinks Entire Bottle of Vodka. Crazy? Nope, Just Polish.

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After 12: In Poland, We Open Beers the Manly Way!

after 12 bro bros g rated manly poland - 6332759808
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Engrish Funny: Oh Norway, You So Multicultural!

engrish funny Finland flag flags g rated Hall of Fame indonesia Netherlands Norway poland thailand - 6286695168
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Reality Show Name FAIL

failboat innuendo p33n poland television translation - 5331291904
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