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Only a Couple More Miles and That Things Is Ready to Hatch

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Guy Playing Pokémon GO Live-Tweets the Ridiculous Number of Rare Pokémon He Encounters in His Condo

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That's Gonna Be a Pokémon No, Not Interested

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Doesn't Look Like That Relationship Is Evolving Anytime Soon

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Sweet Woman in India Rescues a Stray Dog, Names Her Eevee, and Creates a Pokemon GO Style Website to Get Her Adopted

woman in india rescues dog names her eevee creates pokemon go website to get her adopted
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Dude Pairs His Pokémon GO Collection With Fitting Names for His Girlfriend

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Family Business: Catching 'Em All

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The Family Pokémon Returns

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This Dude's Pokémon GO Puns Deserve All the Gym Badges

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Parenting on the GO

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The PokéRock Theme Video Featuring the Original Pokémon Singer Is Simply Glorious

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Daft Pidgey

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Giant Pokémon Ditto Cushion Demands to Be Cuddled

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Catching an Adorably Cute Pokémon is the Best Excuse For Being Late

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Hope You're Visiting Kanto Sometime Soon!

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Couple Arrested For Abandoning Baby to Play Pokémon GO

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