Tumblr thread about rhyming with purple turns into dirty history lesson | gallusrostromegalus S aerialsquid Follow satanpositive Roses are red much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue. feels fictional have been waiting this post all my life. marzipanandminutiae They are indeed purple, But one thing missed concept purple" Didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names color see. Hence good old Homer And his "wine-dark sea."

Tumblr Thread On Purple Rhymes Goes Off The Rails

Would you expect anything else?
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What it Do?

Via Brown Cardigan

What Do You Do If You Love Something

love poetry is sort of uncaring.
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A Romantic Message From the Victoria Police

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Have a Very Linguistic Valentine's Day!

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Wait, What Color Are Turtles?!

whiskey makes every poem better
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Even Adults Would Rage at This

anger poem kids ice cream parenting poetry - 8388135936
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Men Don't Rhyme Well, Apparently

men poem funny women - 8380867584
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Wait... What?!

kids funny poem wtf - 8332933632
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The Love of Math, Ladies and Poetry

calculus funny poem math love - 8330220544
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Creative Writing Classes Are Great

poem funny School of FAIL - 8320241664
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Poetic Genius

back to school genius funny poem - 8306983424
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Give Them Enough Beer and They Well

beer poem quote funny - 8252304896
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The Beauty is in the Simplicity of the Haiku

poem deep thoughts haiku poetry - 8250715648
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He's a Real Keeper

poem t shirts idiots funny - 8200626944
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Close Relative of the Jabberwock

drawing school poem kids parenting - 8193010432
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