Plumbing company terminator ad

Plumber's Terminator-Inspired Ad is A Lot

"I'll be backed-up," or something. That's good, right?
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Funny unprofessional "not my job" moments | kids children playground with a dangerously steep slide | Linked image not found ExceIMark Linked image not found rubber stamp fail

Stunningly Unprofessional "Not My Job" Moments

Great work, everyone.
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Guy rents an airbnb and the plumbing backs up horribly, forcing everyone to leave | r/tifu Posted by DicksOut4Paul TIFU by trusting some rando on Airbnb L Shit River 2K19 have thousand words explain all transpired with Our Dear Friend Paul August 3rd August 4th, 2019. Let spin tale tale Shit River.

Airbnb Turns Into House of Stinky Nightmares

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The Sink Sunk

Via lebensmuede

Discount Plumbing Strikes Again!

broken pipe plumbing Professional At Work window - 4703697152
By Joar

They're Such a Supportive Team

duct tape faucet holding it up plumbing sink - 4644289024
By Unknown

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

duct tape faucet plumbing sink - 4577233664
By Gibara

Ductape is Also Known as Plumbers-Tape

plumbing sink duct tape - 7402347776
By Stewart Seidel

Actually Pretty Brilliant

bathroom going green not good plumbing toilet - 4025583872
By Unknown

Let The Bimmer Deal With It

home improvement neighbors plumbing - 5302450944
By Epha

I'm Sure They're Masters at Something...

Via running_and_jeeps

Watch Out For the Deuces

monday thru friday plumbing puns slogan truck - 8386796288
Via Dump a Day

"Herk" is the Noise That He's Making

plumber monday thru friday toilet van plumbing - 8235404288
Via Izismile

No More Leaks

there I fixed it plumbing - 7983538688
By Unknown

Why Cut When You Can Bend?

plumbing there I fixed it toilets - 7862917888
By Jesse

No Plumber Required

plumbing there I fixed it - 7848278784
By binarycortex
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