"Herk" is the Noise That He's Making

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Via Izismile

Sounds About Right

business name plumber monday thru friday yahoo work - 8184104960
Via Izismile

What Do You Call 4 Hoses and 1 Wrench?

plumber hoses water wrench g rated there I fixed it - 7706863616
Created by Kelley71111

No Handrails? No Problem.

plumber plunger funny bus g rated there I fixed it - 7582077696

Who Needs a Plumber?

plumber sink pipes - 7044064256
Created by Unknown

I Should Be a Plumber

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Created by thatguyonherenow

Your Clutch Had a Leak...

plumber - 6559345408
Created by Latermeansbrick

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions...

plumber - 6546950912

Pipe Chic

air conditioning cooling hvac pipe plumber ventilation - 6512243968
Created by nick

Monday Thru Friday: Hey, Could You Get That? Thanks a Lot!

Hall of Fame plumber - 6402597888

There I Fixed It: Time to Fire the Plumber

bathroom bucket out of order plumber there I fixed it urinal - 6361887744
Created by Teseract

That'll Keep Out The Poop Monster

plumber Professional At Work toilet - 4576706560
Created by Doom_Myster

Excess Is Not In the Kludger's Dictionary

faucet plumber sink zip ties - 4531939840
Created by Unknown


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Created by Rick Wilson
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