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Viral Twitter Thread Puts Video Game Controllers On Blast, Internet Responds

I stumbled upon this tweet while scrolling through my Twitter feed earlier today and it raises a great point… Why in the heck are the buttons on different consoles' controllers in completely different orders? It would have been easy enough to just standardize the entire thing from the get-go, but no, we need to have different layouts. I'd be willing to wager that you can't tell me off the top of your head (no cheating) where the X button is for the Playstation, Xbox, and Switch. I've been playi…
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lowballing choosing beggar rejected after trying to sell bootleg uggs | No thank Lowest $290 Really not wanting take less than 300 do $250 if u bring my job.everybody want 250 but like yours better. Just think u giving my kids present man. shud soften heart man No thank | Its Corona time.and things are hard brother hear man Man $40 is not gonna make or break u Not trying be rude, but could say exact same things ya know? Thanks looking, but again, no thank

Guy Flips The Script On Lowballer Who Tries Selling Bootleg Uggs

Interesting strategy.
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Guy wastes a PlayStation 5 scalper's time | have gotten offers 850 and sold 3 piece 800 best can do Youssef If can do 850 l'll meet tomorrow and give s never been opened and have online ceipt still has sticker closes box If want 825 l'll give u if get two them can only do 850 if can meet grand rapids are really far and th lil easier. than u ould make my drive d be further

Guy Wastes Time of Predatory PS5 Scalper

May the inconvenience reign.
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Stepmom gives away son's PS4, so a pro revenge ensues | r/ProRevenge u/youngsourswede 1y O3 10 My hag stepmom gave away my Playstation 4 while away college. So rent out "her" house while she on her honeymoon with her newest husband have been reading lots Reddit lately, especially entitled parents, but made new account came across this page never thought actually try contribute something! Until now Reddit has just been my guilty morning coffee read. So here goes an only son. My mom died ovarian c

Stepmom Gives Away Stepson's PS4, Stepson Takes Revenge

He got her good.
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Guy's Playstation gets hacked so he changes the settings on the hacker's account to make it unusable.

Trucker's Playstation Gets Hacked, So He Makes The Hacker's Account Unusable

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stupid cheapskates

11 Penny-Hoarding Cheapskates Who Are Dumber than They Are Stingy

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playstation game cd calls a player ugly

Guy Gets Roasted By Sassy Easter Egg On PS2 Game Years Later

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Like Father Like Son

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Sixty Minutes, 24 Hours, 32 Bits

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When Trying to Get Nerd Cred Goes Wrong

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A Little Force Feedback for Your Morning

playstation design coffee video games mug - 8402700544
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If You Remember This, You Know That's the Wrong Controller

90s kids kids these days playstation video games nostalgia - 8369519104
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Use These Cool Chocolate Molds and MASH SOME BUTTONS

square white plate with three different shaped game controllers made of chocolate, a bowl of peanuts and cashews on the side
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I Always Knew You Were the Favorite!

kids playstation parenting sibling rivalry - 8082200832
By Unknown

The Situation is Under Control

playstation controller zip ties video games there I fixed it - 7859500800
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playstation FAIL Sony video games Video Game Coverage - 7858054912
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