Wow, The Soler Systum R So Mysteiruos

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You Learn Something New Everyday

Text - 17 hours ago via Mobile Without my think I'd be chronically depressed This boy is fabulous and I love him to Pluto and back (see what did there cause Pluto doesn't exist so you just carry on going forever) Xoo000 Like Share 2 peoole like this.
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Introducing the Interplanetary Superhighway

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Nerdy Noms: I Need Some SPAAACCEE!

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The Kuiper Belt Has Its Opponents Still Today

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False, False, False, And False!

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Even Though Every Human Being Lives on Earth

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School of Fail: Uranus is the Only Planet That Makes Sense

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Astronomy 250: Good to See Pluto's Still Out

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Astronomy 250: All the Planets, Featuring Pluto!

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Can't Tell if Trolling or Stupidest Human Alive

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