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Random Guy Interrupts Soccer Match, Gets Shoulder Checked Into Oblivion

Worth the yellow card.
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Dodgers Pitcher Clocked In The Face By Line Drive

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Pitcher Intentionally Balks To Advance Runner Distracting Him

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Sad mother movies funeral pitcher story script funny - 5859333

Shameless Guy Won't Stop Pitching Awful Movie to Director at Mother's Funeral

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We Take it All Back, THIS is the Worst First Pitch of the Season

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Pitcher Pro-Tip

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Catching FAIL

baseball catch pitcher - 6497884416
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The Hell is This Tiny Little Glass Thing?

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Partying WIN: And THAT'S How You Chug a Beer!

chug Hall of Fame pitcher - 6299939840
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Just One Drink

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Sports FAILure: See, You Have To Let GO Of The Ball

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