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Pro-DVD Anti-Piracy Ad Is Weirdly Lame

"Look at all these fun people enjoying the DVD."
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We Call That a Bazinga, or Something

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Created by guiltybillstickers

We've Come a Long Way With Free Music and U2

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Via rapcatmixer

Tattle at the Small Cost of Your Dignity and Health of Your Local Business!

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Created by thedwarfer

Learn to Pirate Better, Scrub

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Via brenan85

Remember When Artists Made Zero Money for All Their Work?

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Via jeromebeckett

Song and Dance and Theft

Music stealing piracy burn - 8085842176
Created by ZasterBlaster

Don't Copy That Floppy Fabric!

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Created by Unknown


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Created by Unknown
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Adult Swim Makes an Absurd Amount of Sense Talking About Piracy

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Let Me Just Go 'Head and Tag the Company Whose Copyrights I'm About to Infringe

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Created by Unknown

A Torrent of Lawsuits

torrent piracy instagram lawsuit - 6897719552
Created by Unknown

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life for Me

piracy - 6819309056
Via Endless Origami

Good Going, Music Industry!

one direction piracy - 6619807744
Created by Unknown

And By Now I Mean Already Did

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Created by Unknown

It's a RIAAly Simple Plan

nicki minaj piracy - 6563281152
Created by Unknown
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