Karen blames burnt pie on marie callenders and gets roasted by comments

Karen Burns Her Own Pie, Blames Marie Callender's, Gets Dogpiled In The Comments

Well, Sharon, but still.
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Awesome of the Day: Someone Invented a Pie-Throwing Robot Just like NEPTR from Adventure Time!

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On My Own, Pie Did It End This Way?

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It's Like Russian Roulette for Kids. With Pies!

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Make an Amazing Pie With Science!

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She's a Hunk of Junk, but You Won't Find a Better Pie

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Nicholls State University Has Teachers Take a Pi(e) to the Face!

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How Are You Celebrating Pi Day?

Pi Day pie math funny - 8106182144
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You Must Be Really Limber!

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Sound Advice

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Caruso Would Ace This Test

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All Hail Our Dark Pie Overlords!

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The Venn Pie-agram

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Soylent Green Pie!

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By rajee428
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8 Geektastic Things For Your Pi Day Celebration

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Now That's a Party

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