double take images

25 Eye-Confuzzling Images Of Double Takery

Good work, eyes.
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funny things that looks like other things

Double Take-Inducing Images of Things That Look Like Other Stuff

Well hello there, uh, oh.
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A collection of humorous tall people problems.

Hilarious Tall People Problems

How's the weather up there.
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funny and weird confusing perspective moments

Double Take Moments of Warped Perspective

Ah! Oh.
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pictures of people taking pictures of mirrors in an attempt to sell them

People Trying Their Best To Sell Their Mirrors

Good effort.
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A collection of frustrating images responsible for irritating people | 5 five 5 bananas children's book illustration wrong fail accident you had one job

Mildly Infuriating Images Responsible For Deep Irritation

Grinding one's teeth has never been easier.
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A collection of nostalgic images from the 90s.

Sweet, Nostalgic Images Right Out Of The 90's

Throwin it back to the olden days.
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A collection of pictures that make the real world look like its a video game.

Real Life Moments That Need A Bug Fix Patch

Glitches in the matrix.
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Confusing pictures that play with perspective and create optical illusions | pics taken at the right moment perfectly timed kettle that lets out a stream of steam that is actually snowy mountains in the background crane holding up the moon

Double-Take Inducing Images of Skewed Perspective

Eyes will be duped.
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Optical illusions created by weird perspective | old woman walking in the street in front of a chimney letting out smoke appearing as if her own head is dissolving into smoke. flying object above a group of people and cars on a riverbank

Real Life Optical Illusions and Double-Takery

Perspective is a deceptive mistress.
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Funny and weird scientific diagrams | Unwanted sexual urges? Have graham cracker and calm yourself down. stack of cardboard looking snacks

Scientific Diagrams That Look Like Jokes

Context is key.
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A collection of nostalgic images that will take people back | GREY POUPON DIJON MUSTARD KID I THOUGHT THIS EPITOME WEALTH AND SOPHISTICATION.

Fiercely Nostalgic Images From Back In The Day

Throwing it back.
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People making statues jokingly hurt them | person throwing papers in the air near a statue of a baseball player swinging a bat | man pretending to get slapped in the face by a statue of a person on a monowheel

People Who Had Run-Ins With Aggressive Statues

It's alive!
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Tumblr thread about chinese guy smiling in old timey photo | black and white vintage photograph AMERICAN MUSEUM& NATURAL HISTORY Man eating rice, China, 1901-1904 comradeonion this is an extremely important picture 24-sa3t Ive never seen someone 1904 having fun omg

Tumblr Thread: Dude Actually Having Fun In an Old Picture

As hard as it is to believe, that picture is legit.
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Double take real life optical illusions | RUBY s Weatet Ruby with bone her mouth makes look like she heard some jaw-dropping news | Robert Maguire @RobertMaguire This picture crow is interesting because s actually cat 7:01 am 28 Oct 18

Amusing Images of Confusing Double-Takery

Confuse those eyes up.
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A cop provides quality advice on wearing seatbelts, in a fun manner | police officer sitting in drivers seat in a car Sudden Itch | the turtle

Cop Provides Quality Advice In Fun Manner

Pretty on point.
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