Baby Blue and Gunmetal Brown

gun parenting picture wtf - 6072284672
By Vagabond

Barking up the Wrong Tree

jokes photoshop picture - 6060166912
By Tim_Berrock

Reasons to Turn Off Facebook

graphs jokes picture - 6062138880
Via Reddit

Jeeps Need to be Changed Monthly

gross innuendo lady business picture womenamirite - 6058703360
By Sureiyaa

Puff Puff Pass

innuendo p33n picture smoking - 6049641216
By Unknown

Failbook: Riding Dirty

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Via Reddit

Work on a Better Reason

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By dallas94bass

The Truth Hurts

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By Unknown

Failbook: Like Peas In Separate Pods

picture relationship tattoos wtf - 6010038016
By Annonymous

Failbook: The Accuracy Games

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By Unknown

Epic Sneeze

Featured Fail gross jokes picture - 6018512128
By RedheadofDoom

Failbook: Immediately Unfriend

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By Unknown

It's About Time!

picture signs thats-racist - 6014310656
By Landon Bixler

Moms Are Always Wrong

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By Unknown

But That Wasn't The Problem

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By SakuraFubuki92

Laziness Level: College

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By Christyn