Physics is everywhere. From the movement of every object to the only F on your high school report card. So shake off that abject failure and find the humor in such a complex and unseen force that affects our lives so significantly. 

Look Away Before Your Brain Gets Fried by the Physics Here

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No One Is Above the Law

comics physics law funny science - 8005528064

Hooray for Physics

beer pong college physics funny - 8005527296
physics solar system science funny - 57549313

Why Is the Solar System Disk Shaped?

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The Sun Is Strange

energy physics science sun - 7993622784

That Dog Is a Genius

albert einstein physics funny science - 7990377984
physics science funny - 57106689

The Physics of Mary Poppins

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physics ants science funny weird - 57082881

The Amazing Physics of Ants

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The Feynman Diagrams Are "Outdated?"

discovery physics science richard feynman - 7965487872

That's a Sexy Cannon

drawing cannon physics funny no no tubes wtf - 7963139072
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Know Your Sciences

physics science biology Chemistry funny - 7948317184

Not Quite What Newton Meant

physics science sleeping funny g rated School of FAIL - 7936138752
awesome physics funny science weird - 56556545

The Coanda Effect Is Awesome

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physics universe doctor who science funny - 56436737

The Science of Doctor Who

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Curling Up With a Good Book

physics students science funny - 7910006272

God, That's a Lot of Work

physics funny science light - 7906572288

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