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Family Photoshoot Gone Wrong: Little Girl Gets Accidentally Thrown Into the Air, Sparking Controversy In the Comment Section

You can’t deny though that the resulting picture is hilarious.
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funny perfectly timed photos

Perfectly Timed Photos That Got It Just Right

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funny James Fridman photoshop trolls

Delightful Photoshop Trolls From The Master James Fridman

That's why he's the best.
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people having fun with statues | woman lying on the ground with her leg being swallowed by a giant angry head | kid pulling back from clown Ronald McDonald statue with its hand raised as if about to strike

Funny Times People Gave Statues New Meaning

They're angry that we get to move and they want revenge.
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unrealistic photoshop fails | woman in a safety helmet winking at the camera with a person behind her looking completely warped | man with giant square jaw and tiny nose

Cringeworthy and Unrealistic Photoshop Fails

Learning self acceptance might be easier than learning photoshop.
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Awkward and funny glamour shots and family photos | kid in a karate uniform posing with a light edited in his hand | mother and two kids superimposed over a large side profile photo of the father

Awkward and Amazing Glamour Shots

People have intriguing tastes.
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Strange, stupid and weird band photos | Childs Play photo of four men in pink bell bottom overalls | two guys in TURDS OF MISERY shirts standing on either side of a man in a denim jacket

Weird and Awkward Band Photos

Follow your dreams.
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Trees overgrowing signs and objects so it looks like they're eating them | a red round car road sign with a tree trunk growing around it so that it's halfway swallowed hidden in the bark

Trees Munching on Stuff

These trees are hungry for signs.
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Chaos, mistakes and failures | man coming down a staircase to find a deep hole being dug at the bottom | cat being held by its scruff covered in Styrofoam balls

Monday Misfortune: Refreshingly Unconventional Mishaps

Weird mistakes are still happening.
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Photos that have funny or strange perspectives | group of people sitting and standing in a circle, one of them facing away from the camera and sitting on two logs of wood that make it seem as if he has a large butt

Perfectly Timed and Well-Angled Photos

Photography is an art.
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Optical illusions made by perspective | calico cat walking on sand and a spot on her coat that looks like a hole through her body. plastic cup on wet ground that looks like it spilled a dry spot out

Double-Take Inducing Photos of Intriguing Perspective

Brains are dumb.
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Optical illusions made from images of confusing perspective.

Eye-Confounding Images of Weird Perspective

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Unfortunate moments of failures, messes and mistakes.

Unfortunate Moments That Added Chaos to People's Lives

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Unfortunate moments, messes and fails.

Unfortunate Moments of Failure and Chaos

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Confusing and amazing images that are not photoshopped.

Mind-Bending Images That Aren't Photoshopped (75 Images)

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Fails, unfortunate and wtf moments that are bad.

Unfortunate Moments That Threw Folks for A Loop

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