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Photographer Sandro Miller Recreates Iconic Portraits With John Malkovich as the Subject

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guy recreates girl's tinder photos

This Australian Guy Recreates Women's Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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Tasty Bedding of the Day: Behold, the Pizza Bed

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Via Claire Manganiello

Now Those Are Some Great Senior Pics!

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Russian Photographer Katerina Plotnikova Takes Stunning Photos With Real Animals

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Photo of the Day: Giraffe Kisses Terminally Ill Caretaker Goodbye

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Via wensenrijders
pics of guy who likes to dangle from tall buildings

Photos of the Day: Russian Building Climber Kirill Oreshkin Has Taken Some Photos from Amazing Heights

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Some People Don't Do Photos

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Beware Extreme Close Ups

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Should You Save Your Photos Digitally?

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No One Will Never Notice...

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Via alt-j

Parents Know....

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Created by bugglesmommy

Bill Nye the Selfie Guy!

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What Did I JUST Say?

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Enjoy God's Gifts... Until You Hit One With Your Car...

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Created by Jake

Choke the Teacher!

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