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revenge coworkers petty revenge workplace mom coworker - 17502981

Double Revenge: Worker Complains About Terrible Coworker to Mom, Mom Tells Them to Harden Up, They Orchestrate Them Working Together

Two birds with one stone.
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malicious compliance revenge petty revenge pretentious pro revenge reddit thread Reddit - 17427205

Arrogant Douchenozzle Uncle Gets Served By The Waiter He Was Rude to

Be kind to your wait staff.
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revenge petty revenge entitled justice parking space university parking vigilante - 17411077

Rich Entitled Jerks Receive Parking Justice at the Hands of "Jalopy Vigilante"

These rich-entitled jerks received jalopy justice from an unknown vigilante for their continued poor behavior when it came to parking their expensive cars. Anyone who has attended a university knows how it goes; Amidst all the students who are amassing colossal debt and eating ramen to survive, there are always the rich kids who are blasting around in their souped-up rides, causing mayhem. Unsurprisingly, these entitled jerks often have no idea how to park their expensive vehicles. This story w…
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revenge petty revenge relationships cheating Reddit dating - 17394693

Guy Cheats, Lies, Gets Exposed to His Mother By Vengeful Ex

This girl grew very close to her ex's mother and when the pair split after her boyfriend cheated on her she was devastated to learn that he had told his mother that she had been the one who cheated. After repeated lies and manipulation she had put up with enough and decided to set the record straight. It was time for revenge . This thread was posted to Reddit's r/ pettyrevenge subreddit by Redditor Street_Blackberry174 , who shared their story of revenge to the popular sub. Commenters offered t…
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malicious compliance revenge construction petty revenge Reddit karen construction workers - 17384965

Male Neighbor Karen Challenges Property Lines, Accidentally Proves His House is Over It

This construction superintendent found himself facing the wrath of a male Karen neighbor at the worksite that they were overseeing. The Karen was determined to hamper their construction progress by filing illogical complaints with the city inspector. Not only did this waste everyone's time, but it accomplished nothing except causing major headaches for everyone involved. The superintendent had had enough and pulled out the CAD files and began to realize that it was actually the neighbor who had…
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pro revenge malicious compliance revenge petty revenge - 17378053

IT Manager Charges Massive Party to Company When 'Bad Boss' Forces IT Department to Work on the 4th of July

An IT Department Manager shared their story of being forced to work on the 4th of July by a "Bad VP." The story was shared on Reddit's r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit by Reddit user, u/TheLightningCount1, who shared their brilliant method of exacting what revenge they could on the uncaring VP by charging a massive 4th of July office party to the company card. Having a holiday off of work is one of the best changes of pace you could possibly ask for. It offers you a chance to do something differ…
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Karen Calls Cops on Woman for Eating a Burrito Bowl on a Floaty Outside on the Grass, New Level of Petty Unlocked

Karen Calls Cops on Woman for Eating a Burrito Bowl on a Floaty Outside in her Yard, New Level of Petty Unlocked

Legend has it you can still hear her flip-flops flopping
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revenge petty revenge wedding engagement - 17293317

'Heather' Wears a Wedding Dress to Half-Sister's Engagement Party, Changes Theme to Suit

There are certain people out there who just have to hog all of the attention. No matter what the situation is they need to be in the spotlight and have all eyes turned on them. These ‘Heathers’ of the world are the sort of person who will try to upstage you at your own wedding by getting engaged at your reception. They'll somehow make your birthday party about themselves and before the candles are blown out on the cake they'll be starting some sort of drama to make sure people are paying attent…
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pro revenge neighbors drama neighborhood revenge petty revenge neighbor property-dispute property - 17292805

Entitled Neighbors Are Taking Over Your Driveways, Here Are Three Top Stories

What is it with neighbors driveways?
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malicious compliance revenge petty revenge - 17278981

Guy Leaves Scathing 1-Star Review For Useless Pizza Place, Costs Manager Job

This hungry dude ordered a pizza to an unorthodox address and some serious communication issues between the workers led to an incomplete delivery. When he called the pizza place and tried to sort out what had happened to his pizza the manager bluntly told him that he needed to provide a better address and to “Call corporate and take the issue up with them.” That's all he needed to hear, so call corporate he did. We're not really sure how we feel about this one. Usually, these stories involve so…
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No morning coffee for you

Teachers Get Revenge on Horrible Head of Department, Target Her Morning Coffee

The roasted her like a coffee bean.
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revenge petty revenge - 17157637

Homeowner Gets Revenge On 'Porch Pirate' With a Delightful Present

Is there anything worse than a porch pirate? These parasites feed off of an, admittedly, exploitable but oh-so-convenient system and take from others for their own personal gain. Plus, there's nothing more intrusive and unsettling than having someone come onto your property to take your things. That's why it's great to see one of these parasites get their comeuppance in the form of some simplistic but incredibly satisfying revenge. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit by…
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revenge petty revenge entitled - 17149701

Entitled Idiot Won't Let Guy In Elevator, Gives Him Longest Elevator Ride of His Life

He let him down. Just not very easily.
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farts petty revenge fart - 17123845

Woman Weaponizes "Wind Horn" to Get Revenge on Douchey Brother-In-Law

Everyone knows that person who, no matter what they do or eat, has a weapon of mass destruction in their gut. These people are the ones you call when you want to clear a room or violate the Geneva convention. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/petty revenge subreddit by the butt-blaster, Redditor u/GassyMcThrowaway, whose “throwaway” account is aptly named.
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Professional At Work semi truck petty revenge trucks - 17110277

Idiots Block Fuel Pump, Truckers Conspire to Block Them In

These truckers had had enough of people (including other truckers) blocking fuel pumps by taking their 30-minute breaks with their vehicles still parked at the pump. Any attempt to reason with these entitled people was just getting them nowhere, so they devised a scheme to pay these mother-truckers back and make them come to grips with their actions. This thread was posted to r/prettyrevenge by one of the truckers who executed their revenge, Redditor u/Lap_Killa. They posted the story to tell o…
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aita malicious compliance revenge petty revenge - 17120005

Gym Influencer Demands Guy Stop Mid-Workout So She Can Record Video, He Stays as Long as Possible

This gym-goer was mid squat when he felt someone tapping on his shoulder. He had no idea what she wanted at first but after he managed to stop what he was doing and remove his headphones he began to put it together and realized that she was demanding that he move so that she could shoot a video. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by Redditor u/Striking-Stick-2355, who is the gentleman who was squatting. He is wondering whether he is in the wrong for his reacti…
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