petty revenge

petty revenge workplace Horrible Bosses - 15825413

Dejected Former Employee Nukes His Entire Catalogue of Work Years After Getting Fired

When placed in such a position... what would you do?
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revenge petty revenge college malicious compliance - 15813381

Clever College Chick Gets Revenge After Being Told to "Stop Walking Around Braless" in Her Dorm

She sure 'breasted' her opponent here.
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neighbors revenge petty revenge - 16115973

Neighbor Won't Control Their Dogs' Barking, This Guy Has Had Enough and Extracts Petty Revenge

Maybe this will fix the problem?
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revenge petty revenge cheapskate win - 16115205

Cheapskate Tries to Renegotiate Price of Goods on Pickup, Ends Up Paying More

Don't try to renegotiate on pickup.
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Guy Retrain's Terrible Roommate's Brain to Sleep Through Multiple Alarms When He Won't Stop Setting Several

Guy Retrains Terrible Roommate's Brain to Sleep Through Multiple Alarms When He Won't Stop Setting Several

Guy Retrains Roommate To Not Respond To His Alarm
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marriage revenge petty revenge relationships cheating - 15988741

Spurned “Other Woman” Destroys Her Cheating-Lying Lover’s Life

"Heck" hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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revenge friends petty revenge petty pub - 15407109

Girl Gets Her Nemesis Kicked Out of the Pub in the Pettiest of Revenge

Girl gets girl who hates her kicked out of pub.
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11 reddit based text images wife and father in law argument | thumbnail blue background "Early in our marriage, FIL used to go on and on about how we were not really married because we didn't get married in the Catholic Church. He finally got on my last nerve with it when my oldest was about 3. The next time we brought it up, I told FIL that at least I was willing to marry a bastard. FIL got angry at that and asked what I was talking about?"

Quick Witted Wife Turns Tables On Hypocritical Father In Law Over Religious Technicality

What say you now, FIL?
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pro revenge revenge petty revenge relationships cheating - 16000517

Guy Gets Savage Revenge on Cheating Ex-Girlfriend With Soul-Crushing Prank, Destroys Her New Relationship

He made them question their whole reality.
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programming revenge petty revenge nuclear - 15986693

Developer Gets Nuclear Revenge on Client Who Refused to Pay, Bankrupts Him and He Loses Everything

Don't mess with your Dev.
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10 text based reddit images worker maliciously complies, company loses money | thumbnail blue background "Instead of smoothing it over with her client, this rep took it out on me. She sent me a very aggressive email stating that we were perfectly capable of embroidering this shirt on the left side because we had done it in the past, and to STOP blowing up her inbox with our "suggestions for a better embroidery location."

Irritated Worker Maliciously Complies By Not Sending Quality Control Emails, Company Loses 10K And Boss Demoted

Sad but amusing
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aita thanksgiving mother in law dating malicious compliance petty revenge - 15880453

Jilted Girlfriend Gets Even With Boyfriend’s Horrible Family By Ruining Their Thanksgiving When Asked to Bring the Turkey

Rumor has it that they're still waiting for Janet to show up with that turkey.
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Customer buys personal ranch bottle to spite pizza place owner

Customer Buys Personal Ranch To Spite Pizza Place Owner, Internet Is Remarkably Split

Justice can be a slippery thing.
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boyfriend pretends to be bad at chores, gets petty revenge from girlfriend

Boyfriend Pretends To Be Bad At Chores, Gets A Meal of His Own Medicine

Let the saga of pettiness begin.
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funny petty revenge

People's Pettiest Moments Of Sweet Revenge

Oh, that's delectable.
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friend is always late and won't apologize, is given a gift card with no money

Constantly Late Friend Won't Apologize, Tastes Wrath of Decoy Gift Card

The ol' gift card runaround.
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