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'Garlic is toxic to cats!': Internet condemns friend for feeding woman's cat toxic food and refusing to stop when asked

It's adorable how some folks treat their animals as humans—personifying them and giving them a voice and thoughts as if they can understand every word we say. I don't mean to sound cynical here. It's beautiful to see people treat their animals like family—they are—and where would mankind be without the companionship of pets? But, the personification should stop here; unfortunately, too many pet owners take personification a step too far and begin treating their pets in a way that doesn't suit t…
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'AITA for taking my dog into the grocery store?' Pet owner berated by fellow shopper and again online for taking their dog into a grocery store

This “proud owner of ‘Peanut’” should spend some time looking in the mirror to reflect on why she thinks herself to be above the rules. What stands out to me the most in the original poster's writing is the line, “I apologized and said the most convenient thing for me was to come here with Peanut.” The most convenient thing for her acknowledges
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AITA for letting my dog poop in someone else's yard?

Update! 'I'm the a**hole': Dog owner lets pet "go" in neighbor's yard, wonders if they're wrong, internet sets them straight

An excellent sign of an obliviously entitled person is someone who refuses to control their pet. Fido might be your best friend, but that doesn't mean you should be letting it roam endlessly onto other people's property or taking off the leash at an explicitly leashed park. It's not often that people actually return to take accountability for their actions on the internet. We're so set in our ways, polarized in our beliefs, and utterly convinced we're right that we tend to struggle to take othe…
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