Pepsi is a caffeinated beverage, and it is always in competition and compared to Coca-Cola. It was originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham.

Old Pepsi commercial advertises 16 ounce size for three people.

Old Pepsi Commercial Stresses 16 oz is for Three People

That's embarrassing.
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17 Hardcore First World Anarchists That Must Be Stopped

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Video of someone trying to stop a riot in Berkeley using a Pepsi challenge and fails horribly.

Brave Idiot Tries to Stop Berkeley Riot With Pepsi, and Fails Hilariously

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Here's Why Pepsi Always Wins the Pepsi Challenge Against Coke, Even Though Pepsi Sucks

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This Guy Pouring Liquid Nitrogen on a Pepsi and Beating It With a Hammer is Pure Catharsis

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No Thank You, Pepsi

image pepsi signs No Thank You, Pepsi
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Just A Little Something To Get You Through The Shopping Trip

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Girl Drinks Pepsi For the First Time and Finally Understands What She's Been Missing

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Only 90s Kids Will Know How Great Crystal Meth Is; Just Ask This News Reporter!

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Going For That "Vintage Pepsi Can" Look

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Close Enough

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Genius Marketing of the Day: Pepsi Pranks London Bus Commuters With Augmented Reality

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The Ball is in Your Court Pepsi

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One Job. You Had ONE JOB!

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Don't Do Coke, Kids

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Pepsi Shot First, Coca-Cola Shot Right Back

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