Hey wanna join the Pen-15 club? Now that we've got that schoolyard shenanigans (penis) out of the way, if you're looking to laugh at everything and anything phallic or having to do with it, don't go anywhere.

twitter man tourists film funny penis museum - 5027333

Guy's NSFW Twitter Story About Why Sign's His Fault Will Leave You In Tears

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sex condoms penis - 1675269

The World Outdoes Itself and Releases the World's First "Smart Condom," a FitBit for Your Penis

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Graham Norton x men hugh jackman wolverine penis patrick stewart - 85436929

Patrick Stewart Tells Hugh Jackman About the Time He Found Out He Wasn't Circumcised

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So These Are the Kind of Sausages You Should or Shouldn't Bite?

packaging FAIL food penis - 8814536192
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The Hot Tip This Police Twitter Account Wants is Quite a Shape

funny fail image police ask on twitter for tips in penis shaped map area
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I Guess it Was a Minor Surgery...

FAIL headline penis surgery newspaper - 8816548864
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If You're Having D*ck Problems With Your Pants, Definitely Ask The Internet

funny fail image guy learns he's been putting his penis in his pants wrong his whole life
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play doh FAIL kids parenting penis - 243207

That's One Veiny Dolphin

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penis dating - 80690177

According to These Chicks, Keep Your Dick Pics to Yourself

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news FAIL p33n Video penis - 80481537

A Low-Hanging Cloud Has These News Anchors Giggle Like School Girls

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Don't Be a Dick, Penis

sex jokes penis dating - 8798196992
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wtf crotch wrestling Video penis - 78657281

If You Didn't Think Wrestling Was Homoerotic Already, Watch 11 Wrestlers Do a Synchronized Crotch-Flip

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Gonna Be Hard to Celebrate

funny fail image fake birthday name on the news
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Unfortunately He's Only Packing Like a Greek God

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NSFW whoops FAIL nfl Video penis - 78504193

Going Balls Out on the 40 Yard Dash (Literally)

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Let This Be a Warming To All D*cks That Won't Pay Their Landscapers

funny win image landscaper gets revenge for unpaid bill with perfectly symbolic bush
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