pastor floats into church and gets stuck

Pastor Floats To Podium On Fly System, Gets Stuck

Someone wasn't ready.
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Pastor lies, steals, cheats on wife with multiple women, gets found out, and eventually fired | Pastor lies cheats and steals. He gets exactly he deserves. If want read on YouTube 's OK with can call kaldra or OP. as my user name is not easy. Sorry am on mobile. Also l'm sorry but need be very vague about where this happened

Pastor Lies, Steals, Cheats On Wife With Multiple Women, Gets Found Out

A righteous revenge was had.
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Pastor's Time Slot Accidentally Switched With Comedian, Audience Laughs Their Ass Off

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American Pastor Gets Told To Shut Up While Preaching By Passengers On Train

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Pastor Tells Congregation Story of the Time He Punched the Sh*t out of a Kid for Jesus

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Mega Church Pastor "Justifying" His Private Planes And Lavish Lifestyle

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Absolutely Delusional Megachurch Pastors Defend Their Private Jets

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