passed out

slingshot rider stabilizes her friend's head and counts her pulse as she passes out

Slingshot Rider Stabilizes Her Friend's Head as She Passes Out

What a good friend.
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FAIL passed out Video roller coaster - 80652033

Europe's Tallest Roller Coaster Seems Shorter When You Pass Out On It

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drunk McDonald's drive thru passed out - 78882561

Bada da daa Daa, I'm Passed Out

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sports FAIL weightlifting bro passed out Video - 76500481

Ok You Lift, But Do You Even Breathe, Bro?

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Thanks For Reminding Me, FB

Via Migez

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Buds Bite

Via browncardigan

So Close, So Far

drunk, couple, passed out, hotel
Via DudeComedy

Probably Time To Go Home

drunk, fence, passed out, ouch
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Looks Like Shelob Got To Him

drunk Lord of the Rings passed out saran wrap - 4620024832
Created by Unknown

He's Got Some Sweet Bewbs

bewbs drunk funny passed out - 7924427008
Created by Unknown

Bound And Gagged

flag guitar passed out sign tape - 4481839872
Created by Faith11287

Drunk Under The Table

crunk critters dogs drunk floor passed out Red Solo Cup - 5473391104
Created by Unknown

I Can't Believe That Didn't Wake Him Up!

couch passed out prank - 4150463488
Created by Unknown

White Out? How Did He Not Wake From the Smell

passed out wtf - 4212248832
Created by Unknown

The Majestic Creature Slumbers

Via The Sourpuss

Out Of Power Ups

costume couch drunk mario passed out - 4522592512
Created by Bloodsword6
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