A celebrity filled video of them singing "Imagine" ends up inspiring multiple parodies | Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre Pls excuse while recruit dozen celebrities whisper-sing End" by Linkin Park into their cell phone cameras

Celeb-Filled "Imagine" Video Inspires Parodies

The reception by people on Twitter was across the board.
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airbnb logo photoshop

People Are Having a Lot of Fun With the New Airbnb Logo

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Pokémon Music parodies videos - 57051393

I Came in Like a Magikarp - A Parody of Wrecking Ball

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Lord of the Rings Music Video parodies - 53266945

These Characters From the Lord of the Rings Want to Tell You About the YMCA

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You Folks Want a Pitbull Parody?

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taylor swift Music Pokémon videos parodies g rated - 49007105

I Knew Gary Was Trouble

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What? No Cat Stevens?

parodies Cats album covers Music FAILS g rated - 7023002880
Via The Kitten Covers

Good Guy Weird Al

parodies parody weird al - 6490631424
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