But Only in God Years

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Created by Unknown

Customize Your Inbox

holding it up mailbox package Shaky Support Systems - 5410487040
Created by The_Mad_Cow

Toilet Tinkerings

bathroom kludge package plumbing toilet - 5351780096
Created by Unknown

Parking Enforcement FAILs

failboat g rated Hypocrisy irony package stupid police ticket - 5328982016
See all captions Created by Unknown

Securing Your Bike FAILs

bicycle bike failboat g rated package security stupidity - 5296622592
See all captions Created by Unknown

A-Door-Able FAILs

confusing doors failboat g rated irony package wtf - 5195230208
See all captions Created by Unknown

The Man With the Golden Gun

condom ebay package review We Are Dating - 5199468800
Created by Unknown

Why You Need to Get Out of Cleveland

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Created by Unknown

Package Wrapping FAIL

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See all captions Created by macdata

Autocomplete Me: Welcome To The Internet

Autocomplete Me failboat innuendo list package stupidity - 5151765248
See all captions Created by Unknown

How To Prepare Your Car For a Hurricane

cars package security - 5139595008
Created by Jake Riesser

Back to School FAILs

back to school failboat g rated package signs spelling typos - 5130587648
See all captions Created by adiadv10

Probably Bad News: Hurricane Reporting Blows

Chyron failboat hurricane irene innuendo package Probably bad News - 5139047936
Created by Unknown


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See all captions Created by HHerbert

A Fecal Lifestyle

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See all captions Created by Unknown

Thanks Beer, For All That You Do

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Created by Unknown