Nice Try But Do Not Want

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By Unknown

Totally Looks Like FAIL

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By Unknown

Schlong Beats Heart, I Win

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By Unknown

Didn't Matter, Had BJ

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Via Jaxalex

Fertilized Egg FAIL

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By Maxxxx

How To Webcam

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By iHorsetamer

Schlong and Awe

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By adam

FAIL Nation: Lookin' For a Porkin' FAIL

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By Unknown

Never Mind, It's Too Deep for Him

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By Unknown

FAIL Nation: Slight Exaggeration FAIL

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By Unknown

You Read This Wrong

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By RachaelSelina

Puff Puff Pass

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By Unknown

Ladies Can Add "With My Gooch" if They Want

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By Unknown

Elevated Risk FAIL

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By Richard Elias

Somehow I Feel the Naked Man Is Rather Unnecessary

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By Unknown

His Literal Dong Is Small Than His Figurative Dongishness

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By Unknown