funny tumblr thread about dog that licks doors

Door-Licking Dog Might Be A Genius, Or He Just Likes Licking Doors

If it works, it works.
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boss demands room be cleared, everything gets stripped out of it

Boss Has Tantrum And Demands Room Cleared, Gets His Wish

It's what he wanted.
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employee usurps business from bad new owner

New Owner Lets Company Burn, Employee Yoinks Whole Business

The keys to the kingdom.
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boss tries to extend employee on probation but it backfires

Unreasonable Boss Tries To Trap Employee In Probation, Totally Backfires

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Customer buys personal ranch bottle to spite pizza place owner

Customer Buys Personal Ranch To Spite Pizza Place Owner, Internet Is Remarkably Split

Justice can be a slippery thing.
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story about new owner running company into ground and losing court case

New Owner Bullies Employees, Runs Company Into Ground, Fails Court Case

What an achievement.
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Karen leaves bad review gets response

Restaurant Owner Exposes Karen's Lies With Their Own Story

Oh, Karen.
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owner responds to horrible influencer's bad horse stable review

Influencer Leaves Fake Review For Stables, Gets Decimated By Owner's Full Story

Ah, the truth comes out.
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angry customer gets scolded by owner of restaurant after leaving bad review

Disrespectful Customer Gets Toasted By Owner's Response

Good ol' customers.
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Hotel owner refuses employee's jury duty, gets led out in hand cuffs

Boss Threatens Firing Over Jury Duty Absence, Gets Led Out in Cuffs

Don't make a judge angry.
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A micromanaging owner cuts chef's pay, and it ends up backfiring terribly. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/CopChef Change hourly salary cut my y L This takes place before times people could eat out and gather large numbers used work as chef an owner who liked micromanage things and bit narcissistic been working there about 3 years, getting good reviews, customers loved updated menu. Made everything scratch, people used think place open box/heat, serve food. Quality had

Micromanaging Owner Cuts Chef's Pay, Backfires In Righteous Fashion

Don't mess with the goose that lays the golden eggs.
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Business owner breaks his arm and tries dealing with a belligerent customer | Hi unfortunately won't be able build unit by 12th Jan have fracture my second favourite arm. There's couple guys do good work can arrange something with if like. Cheers Hi is this joke not sure whether being serious or not. As discussed this 40th birthday. Hi unfortunately no joke mate fractured playing football over weekend already discussed project with and and they can do by set date same

Client Refuses to Understand What Broken Arm Entails

They've almost got it.
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Karen goes crazy on Tattoo shop owner story | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by u/Complex_River 7 46 S11 5 20 hours ago Karen goes tattoo shop XXXXL Maybe 10 years ago owned tattoo shop located next door (same strip mall piercing shop had gone next door watch lobby piercer while they ran and grabbed some change. So karen walks and get why she thinks work there sitting behind counter K here last week and fucked up my piercing. Its infected now and need fix dont work here just

Tattoo Artist Deals With Totally Feral Karen

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Employees leave store when new entitled male karen manager buys the place | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/LocalLiBEARian 10 hours ago Actually, Ken DON'T work here any more. Or XXL friend mine recently reminded this absolute BEST time ever had dealing with Karen wild happened about 30 years ago, so going strictly by memory here also have no clue name male Karen is, so call him Ken. Sorry this came out so long but think enjoy TLDR at bottom.

Entitled New Store Owner Left High and Dry by Employees

Take that "Ken."
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Owner decides to respond to ridiculous review of his auto shop | Be Aware recently changed starter here. They told 780 first, as student couldn't afford s 1/5 value my car. They brought down 700 with an $30 oil change value which initially appreciated as borrowed some money my friend and couldn't come up with more thought good deal as they helped made some phone calls after agreed change and guess quoted $580 at express oil change just across street And around $500 some different locations. Just

Owner Responds To Absurd Review Of His Auto Shop

Well done.
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Business owner responses to one star reviews | Reviewed yesterday via mobile Ok service Good food wasn't good lobster had reservation at 19:00, and came little late and our table were given away after 10 minutes although there were plenty empty tables. Manager at Noa Seafood Restaurant, responded this review Responded yesterday If came late and table given away did manage eat lobster dont sell

Fiery Business Responses to Poor Online Reviews

Truth is a fickle thing when it comes to the cutthroat world of one-star reviews.
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