Clockwork orange, agent orange, or just a fruit orange. The rays of the sun and so so many other things. The radiant color should be honored as all others. with jokes and clever puns putting it to use. Orange you glad you didn't miss this?

orange surprising ridiculous dangerous Video - 106990849

Guy Demonstrates Reason To Not Eat Orange Next To Balloon

Don't give the kids any ideas.
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Guy messes up my accidentally eating too many oranges | r/tifu Join u/wadlwadlus 1d TIFU by eating too many oranges So this happened few months back, but 's funny story nonetheless needs be on internet living my grandparents basement at time 5 story house. Walking up stairs get kitchen hassle, so only did time eat. Now l'm not an out shape person, but not enthusiastic about going up flights stairs just look at pantry scarcely filled with old people food.

Dude Messes Up By Eating Too Many Oranges

Talk about a breath of fresh air.
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hair customer service orange terrible dye salon inconsiderate customers hair dye car crash story - 8722693

Horrible Inconsiderate Customer Gets Her Hair Orange'd

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That's a Fruity Looking Watch

orange How To - 6999938816
orange wtf weird Video space - 69766401

Space Used to Be Orange?

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orange explosion slow motion Video - 68328961

Check Out the Beauty of Exploding Citrus in This Slow-Mo Vid!

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*Tips Orange Fedora*

orange sunglasses poorly dressed fedora g rated - 8399333376
Via Izismile

Didn't Know Oranges Could Do That

bottle orange beer pee - 8211048192
Via Buddha in Hair

There Must Be Better Ways to Show School Spirit

football family photo dress orange Sequins poorly dressed suit g rated - 8150930688
Via @Vol_Football

In the Wilds of the Mall...

orange poorly dressed mall g rated - 8123264000
Via Gibbyjr

Beware the Dangers of THCitrus

orange drugs tumblr trolling failbook - 8105623040

Orange Telecommunications Company Continues to Charge Man's Grandma a Year After She Dies, Mistakenly Calls Her His "Ex-Girlfriend"

customer service orange ex girlfriend grandma failbook g rated - 7306938112
Created by SuperSail

I Think You've Had Enough Sun

orange sun bathing tanning - 7135871488

Nice Disguise, E.T.

orange tanning - 7133344256

Math Noms

orange noms math - 7062533120

Did They Change the Definition of "Orange" And Not Tell Us?

orange you had one job oops products - 7026582016
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