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Flashed Face Distortion Effect Makes Normal Faces Look Grotesque

Alright that's pretty cool. So flashed face distortion is a relatively new optical illusion/observed phenomena that makes eye-aligned faces look terrifyingly distorted while you focus on a midpoint. It's been done to great effect with celebrity faces too. Seriously, after a few seconds you just start seeing monsters. Pretty cool.
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Double-take images caused by strange perspective | man looking as if his head is sticking out from a green bag on top of a container | mugs hanging on a wall looking blurry

Real-Life Illusions of Double-Takery

Eyes are kind of easy to trick.
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funny and weird confusing perspective moments

Double Take Moments of Warped Perspective

Ah! Oh.
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interesting and weird double take images | peacock standing in front of a large shrub that resembles its tail | cat yawning with its head upside down

Double Take Images of Weird Perspective

What's going on there?
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double take optical illusions | front of a truck with the fence behind it looking like the cargo its hauling | man working out in socks that makes his legs look like a chicken's

Perspective-Confuzzling Images of Double Takery

What's goin on there?
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Confusing images to make people double-take | pack of giraffes inside a safari jeep | Upon further inspection, her paws are not really orange spotted cat sitting on top of an orange cat

Double-Take-Causing Images of Skewed Perspective

Work out those eyes.
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double-take moments of strange perspective

Confusing Moments of Skewed Perspective

Huh, alright.
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real life optical illusions

Images of Perspective-Jumbling Double-Takery

What's that now?
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weird confusing double take moments

25 Intriguing Images Of Strange Perspective

Double take away!
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moments of weird perspective

Real-life Illusions Caused By Weird Perspective

It's double take time.
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confusing images of warped perspective

Confusing Images Of Brain-Shaking Doubletakery

Smoke and mirrors! And foreground!
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confusing double-take images of warped perspective

Perspective-Bending Images of Double-Takery

What's that now?
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Funny and interesting images of weird perspective | cat sitting in front of a TV screen during a weather forecast report looking as if it has a human hand | reflection in side view car mirror perfectly aligned with the background

Illusions of Eye-Defying Double-Takery

That's new.
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Confusing pictures that play with perspective and create optical illusions | pics taken at the right moment perfectly timed kettle that lets out a stream of steam that is actually snowy mountains in the background crane holding up the moon

Double-Take Inducing Images of Skewed Perspective

Eyes will be duped.
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Weird perspective and confusing illusions | amazing jungle valley or weathered fence post top? reflective tissue box placed in a corner in a way that makes it appear transparent

Strange Illusions Caused By Weird Perspective

Your eyes might be wrong.
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Images of warped perspective that make people double take | photo taken at the perfect timing Buddha statue holding an airplane | carpet pattern that makes the floor look uneven

Confusing Images to Inspire Some Double Takes

It's like eye exercise!
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