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on the job live tv Bloopers Video - 78124289

Are News Cameras Like Mistletoe? These Reporters Might Think So

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cops sports on the job kids football Video win - 75834625

A Couple of Minneapolis Cops Stopped to Play a Pick Up Game of Football With Kids

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ouch on the job FAIL car wash Video - 75803137

Sometimes You Come Home From Work Cleaner Than You Went In

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sports on the job airport new zealand dance Video win - 75582721

The New Zealand Airport Crew Did the Haka Dance to Welcome Home Their Rugby World Cup Winners

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caught fired embarrassing Video sports soccer on the job - 75638529

If You're a Paid Sports Announcer, You Probably Shouldn't Do What This Guy Did on Air

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on the job whoops accident pr0n Video - 72219137

When You Accidentally Your X-Rated Video To a Giant Outdoor Screen

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An Exciting Endorsement For the Product

on the job FAIL - 8508582144
By Nate
on the job Video machine - 71977985

Do You Have Real Hot Dog Precision?

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news on the job FAIL TV - 71835137

Swedish National Television Accidentally Broadcasted This News Anchor Practicing Before They Were Supposed To Go Live

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Napping on the Job FAIL

work on the job construction equipment - 6643394816
By Unknown

How Did People Slack Off Before FB?

facepalm lazy on the job work - 5779925504
By Ashlee

Captain Obvious or Just That Stupid?

facepalm jokes on the job over their head wal mart - 5479155456
By Zero-K

"Crunching Numbers"

busted on the job oops pr0n train - 5464681728
By Joe M

Generational Issues

Featured Fail on the job philosophy work - 5424348160
By Unknown

Dance of the Sugar Plump Fairy

costume halloween image on the job your friends are laughing at you - 5368042240
By L


image on the job - 5323901184
By Unknown
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